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Love in full color!

Being in love is such a wonderful thing and there are so many different ways of loving in this world. Let's celebrate all of them this Valentine's Day bringing a bit of colourful art to your loved one (and that includes loving yourself!) Naïve art has striking colours that look wonderful in color blocking frames. At our art framing studio in Romsey we have a huge selection of colourful frames and mount board to suit your taste. Don't be scared of going colourful and bring loads of positive mood to your interior design projects with our fine art frames.

Works of art, photos or posters can make a great anything but ordinary present.

Bright colourful frames can be used directly on the artwork or as a slip in combination with a plain outer rim. The same principle applies to bright colourful mount board so don't be shy and try! In our picture framing studio we will assist you with choices and combinations so come and visit us, take your time and make a truly original present this 14th February!

And remember that at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we welcome all types of love ;)

Happy colourful Valentine's Day!


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