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Mad about colour.

The way we perceive colour is a combination of different physical factors. It is important to keep in mind the difference between spectral colours and the colour of an object itself. Colour theory includes a broad range of ideas and techniques about perception, colour mixing and colour composition. It is clear that we could spend hours talking about colour and never come to an end but one thing is clear: in the visual arts, we are all mad about colour and tone.

Colour can influence our mood and make us feel positive or energised and that is why we prefer some paintings rather than others depending on our personality traits for instance.

Each colour has a different meaning as they are a powerful language as well as a tool for communication.

On the other hand, the texture of the medium can make a certain piece of art more appealing to us depending on factors like a matte, satin or glossy finish. Acrylic paint for instance is really versatile as can have a matte finish or that touch of shine instead which is more common on oil paints. This fact can make us decide to use a type of glossy finished frame to pick the shine of the artwork or perhaps we would prefer to use a minimalistic white or black look for artworks with satin striking colours.

It is recommended that the colour and the tone of the frame and mount board you choose are in tune with the predominant tone and colour of the painting. At the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we can use raw or unfinished wooden rims and paint them to a close match to one of the colours on the artwork. That way, all the elements will blend in together rather than creating a contrast. As you can see, there are plenty of options out there to make a colourful artwork look striking next to your interior design choices. This is the reason why we always advise to visit our bespoke framing studio where we will look into possible combinations of rim, glass and mount before taking accurate measurements and deciding what is the frame that suits your style.


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