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The art of drawing.

Art has many ways and each artist has a favourite medium. Drawing is an art as well as a form of meditation or just for daily practice. Some artists sketch first thing in the morning to unleash their dreams and nightmares or sometimes as a form of releasing whatever kept them awake the previous night.

Drawing can be the materialisation of the artist's insomnia or the slow waking up through the quietness of the early hours. Who knows? But those drawings and sketches are powerful pieces as they speak of fears, of worries, of the past and of forthcoming events. Those drawings are the present form of the depths of the artist's mind. Drawing is the art of freedom. Sketching allows the artist mind to run without constrains. No rules, no detail, no canvas. Only the artist's hand and the subconscious speaking out loud on the support. No fear of the blank paper only lines and thoughts. Summer days are long and daylight breaks into the silence of the dawn when the artist is silently sketching. Drawings, precious lines explaining the ineffable.


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