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"Colour is stronger than language. It's a subliminal communication". Louise Bourgeois

Colour is a powerful communication tool. Red indicates passion and emotion; yellow reveals positive aspects; orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow and so on. There exist many books and publications about theory of colour, composition, colour meanings and even colour therapy. Not very often we realise that the bright blue t-shirt we are wearing on is sending a subliminal message about our mood today the same way that Andy Warhol was talking to us when he created "Liz" in 1965.

The use of colour in art has changed during history since cave men started to use ochre and black to paint animals and hands on the naked rock. During the Middle Ages, for instance, paintings were commissioned under a written contract which stipulated what pigments were meant to be used by the artist and how much they would cost to the patron who might even sometimes supply the precious materials. Colour and pigments have a high technological component as well. One of the greatest revolutions in art was the invention of the tube of paint which allowed great masters like Van Gogh or Monet to go outdoors and pain away from their studio. There is a lot to be learned about colours in art and in life in general because as Louise Bourgeois said "colour is stronger than language. It's a subliminal communication".


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