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Glossy black for statement art

Large and extra large pieces of art are always a pleasure to be seen up on the wall. Scale makes the difference to the message and to the way people perceives art. Contemporary art is commonly made on large supports of all sorts and abstract and conceptual artworks can be so rich in contents that a minimalist frame will avoid distraction from the content.

Glossy big black frames with a white slip are great to underline abstract art like "Fire & Water (St. John's night)" by artist Ana Villacampa. The artwork is full of energy and vibrant colours are rich and expressive so the moulding chosen for the occasion does not overpower the painting but works together with it picking the intense blacks from the canvas.

Artwork is a mean of communication between the artist and the viewer so the frame has to play its part in this. At the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we work close with artists and collectors to enhance the artwork rather than overpowering it. No matter how large or small the work is, finding the right frame is a process that includes the way we understand art. There is no unique way for it but reasons that can be studied and understood to achieve the better choice for you.


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