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Make it colorful and carry on creating!

We are so lucky with the weather so far that this mini-heatwave is a blessing during the strange times the world is going through. These tough times are affecting the arts field in a considerable way as the creative process can still carry on during lockdown but reaching clients, audience or visitors is just not happening at the moment. Many professionals of the arts field are struggling in these hard times so all we can do is to hope for the best and try to enjoy the good weather as a source of ideas for creative minds. You can as well take part of the numerous on-line art-related events going on everywhere from local art groups to museums, theaters or gigs!

Painting, designing, composing, writing...all of them are great activities to keep us going with a positive mind. Al fresco painting is lovely on sunny days and for those lucky enough to have garden, flowers are a great source of inspiration with the bees flying around and all those refreshing shadows spreading everywhere. Take your camera out and let your creativity go. We will all have so many images after the lockdown! So many stories to be shared from behind each house door after the lockdown. Some of you may take some time to read, some of you may be listening to music whilst sketching a bit: keep yourselves in a positive mindset as this will be over and all the artworks we have been producing during the lockdown will be our small contribution to the collective memory for the years to come. Carry on creating!


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