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We're open! (with a bit of social distancing...)

So the date has finally arrived and UK businesses are re-opening in this back to "normal" situation. Probably your creativity has increased over the past months and you have been producing more paintings, taking lots of photos of your new daily routine at home or making needlework to keep yourself busy during the lockdown. Now you may be looking for a framing shop where to take your artworks or you may want to buy some aluminum frames for those posters that you bought on-line. As experienced art framers we are here to help!

Social distancing and washing hands is still extremely important under the current circumstances but at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we have been working hard on making our premises safe for all, customers and staff. Under the current circumstances we can only accept one customer at a time in the studio. We also have a designated area for customers to be served but remember that if you want to avoid unnecessary queues outside you can book your appointment here. If you haven't booked an appointment please give us a ring on your arrival on 01794367107 so we will know you are outside waiting. Customers with appointments will have priority but we can still serve you when we are free.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.


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