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Traditional oval frames for contemporary interiors.

Embracing different interior design styles and putting them together can be challenging but very rewarding once you find the balance. This can happen for instance with traditional oval frames. This type of picture framing was very common for instance in Victorian times with more or less ornament on the rim itself. Oval and round were used for mirrors, ceiling decoration and so on but nowadays those oval and round frames can make a great effect as a bespoke mirror or even on their own.

Just by choosing a selection of sizes and finishes it is possible to create a great feature wall in a modern Victorian style home. Or perhaps you could take it a bit further and combine those ovals and circles with a more minimalistic look to create your ideal living room.

The most frequently demanded shapes of picture framing and mirrors are square, landscape or portrait and many times we tend to forget that it is a beautiful way of breaking the squareness of a wall with the opposite shape to create a more interesting effect. The options are plenty for a timeless combination of color, composition and form. So next time you are looking into adding a bit of character to a room, why not try with an oval mirror or a cute photo framed in a round frame? Give them a go!


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