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Midsummer sketches!

The good weather is back and sketching while catching the rays is great for your mind and for your vitamin D levels. Let's go for it then!

It is sometimes difficult to find fresh ideas and there are moments of the day when we are more creative than others. Some places are more inspiring and some others totally put us off. That is part of human behavior but creative thinking can easily spark when we are relaxed, feeling good and open minded. That is why taking your sketchbook with you in the garden or when you go for a walk can be a great idea. Same if you are a photographer, take the camera with you and enjoy a walk next to the river. Great works of art start from small actions. Some artists like sketching with pen or watercolor because you cannot simply take the rubber out and erase a mistake. That makes it even more challenging, don't you think? Once you have overcome the fear of making mistakes your hand will fly free over the paper because we learn much more from our mistakes than from our achievements.

Enjoy the midsummer sunny weather!


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