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Put a splash of colour on your walls this summer!

The summer time is at its peak and the temperatures are getting hotter and hotter. It's time for watermelon, ice cream, swimming and cocktails nearby the pool. Holidays abroad are finally here and we all feel the good vibes of the season.

Make your house a summer home with some colourful frames. There are plenty of finishes and styles from shabby-chic Mediterranean blue and vibrant orange to more contemporary solid colour blocking combinations.

We all tend to go a bit shy with the frames we hang on our walls trying to be cautious but with our broad selection of chevrons you can try what frame is best for your artworks before hand.

Make a seasonal change to your home decor or work environment by bringing in a bit of brightness to your walls with summer themed paintings and posters that will boost the sunny vibes! Give a lift to your interiors with our fresh summer ranges that look great as a bespoke mirror as well.

And remember that a beautifully framed photo or print can bring that touch of home feeling to your beach hut or cottage as well.

Enjoy the summer!


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