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How to beat the January blues.

It's the coldest part of the year with ice, fog, snow and long dark days under the blanket. All we fancy is staying in with a cuppa on the sofa after beating the cold outside. January blues is one of the many ways of naming the low winter mood affecting many of us. For those who love the cold, winter adventures and ski trips are great memories well worth to be put on a frame after our return. But once you are back home on the sofa what we all want is a cozy cheery home and your picture framer can help to achieve it. Bringing colour to your interiors is a great way of feeling positive during the winter months. It works the same way for work places and home offices as your productivity will increase in a cheerful environment. Colours can affect our mood and the way we perceive the place can make us think more positively. Great works of art professionally framed will make an improvement to any room so this is how we are beating the winter here! Treat yourself and your walls to art that makes you feel good or make the room look bigger with a bespoke mirror and bring those bare walls back to life. Enjoying the winter indoors and outdoors is a great way of embracing the season and colourful bespoke frames can help you with that. You can make surprising findings visiting a local arts and crafts market in an icy winter day or going out and about with your camera. Prints, photos or silk scarves framed into a matching rim will lift the mood at your place so beat the cold and bring them to our picture framing studio in Romsey.


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