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In love with an art lover?

Let's be honest, surprising your other half with an original Valentine's present can be a task. Chocolates, cards and flowers are a classic not to be missed but what about complementing them with a nice bespoke framed picture of the two of you together? There is always a special moment to remember: your first date, your wedding day, your first selfie together... And at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing, thanks to the use of computerized mount cutting technology, we can cut shaped mount boards to produce a special design for any occasion!*

For those of you in love with an art lover, go creative and frame a bit of art to celebrate the date! Wedding bouquets always look great inside a box frame but even just a delicate silk rose in a free-standing frame will make a stunning proof of love.

Come on, think of that book your loved one was talking about all the time on your very first encounter: bring the cover to us and frame it for the good times together.

Still keeping the tickets of your favourite band gig together? Bring back the memories of that special evening preserving them in a lovely frame to be displayed on your wall. You could include some pictures of that unforgettable night and the CD to make it rock! At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing we will help you with the composition and the design to make it look perfect.

There are plenty of memories that you could turn into a special Valentine's present by simply putting them in a frame. At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing we can frame textiles, sports gear, all sorts of artworks and much more! Let the muse of love inspire you, come to us with your idea and we will make it come true.

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. Please, ask our staff for further details and prices.

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