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The perfect Christmas present for sports lovers

Are you thinking of the perfect Christmas present for someone who is a fanatic of sports but still wondering how to make it truly special? Let us give you some ideas!

Any sports gear or memorabilia will always look great inside a bespoke box-frame. No matter if it is a football, an old cricket bat or an official rugby shirt, they will all look stunning inside a beautiful frame that can be displayed at your home as if it was your own little museum.

Sports memorabilia recall great victories, magnificent matches and good old times together that deserve to be preserved and protected. At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing we are specialists in framing t-shirts and making box-frames with safety glass containing any kind of sports gear. So if you are looking for the perfect present, why not ask all the team mates to sign one of their t-shirts and keep the good memories inside a bespoke frame that will last in time?

Nowadays, sports fans can find lots of remarkable memorabilia through on-line auctions that deserve to be displayed: tell us what you would like to frame and we will make it come true!

Happy Christmas!

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