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Artists in the gallery 2017: Portraits

The First Floor Gallery Picture Framing is proud to announce that our art gallery service is available to the public again. The Hampshire Open Studios 2017 has been the starting event to continue with our tradition as an art gallery, in addition to our framing services. Portraits and landscapes are available on commission to our customers as well but not only. During the Hampshire Open Studios week, we were delighted to introduce the artworks of our artists to those who visited the premises .

Now, please let us take you through the work of David Ridler, a portrait and watercolour landscape artist with a background in arts, engraving and graphic design. David has been improving his skills over the years while showing his artworks in several exhibitions. He uses different mediums for his landscapes and portraits (prints and originals available under commission at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing). From traditional watercolour to dry brush, airbrush or graphite and coloured pencils, David has produced city views of Romsey, people and pet portraits or forest views among others. If you would like to enjoy a selection of his works and a bit of an arty chat, all you have to do is visit our premises where you will find a variety of artworks on display.

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