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Ready-made picture frames & mirrors: we make it and you put the artwork in.

Picture frames don't necessary have to be made to suit a single painting only. By using a ready-made kit frame you can change the artwork inside as many times as you like. Ready-made frames can have different frame styles and finishes. They can have glass or acrylic glazing as well as hardboard, mount board and barrier board at the back to protect the artwork, all assembled at the back with bendy tabs so you can easily remove and exchange the artworks as you please.

These type of art frames help keeping costs down as you will be fitting the artwork in and assembling it back yourself. Kit frames or ready-made frames and mirrors are sold in different qualities: factory made or bespoke. Those manufactured in factories for mass consumption are generally made of plastic or paper with acrylic glazing to avoid breakages during long distance delivery and transport. Those mass produced ready-made frames tend to be light in weight and the materials used do not tend to meet conservation standards as they are commonly made with non acid-free materials. This type of frame will not protect your artwork as all the acid in the paper and glue will damage your photos or artworks in time. At the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we supply bespoke ready-made picture frames that are compliant with the conservation standards by the Fine Art trade Guild. Frames made this way will last longer and will preserve and protect your paintings, photographs and posters.

Our contact-free click and collect service for ready-made kit frames is very easy to use:

  1. Call us on 01794367107; e-mail us on or use our on-line form service (click here)

  2. Tell us the size of the artwork you would like to fit in your ready-made frame. Your measurements can be in inches or in metric. Make sure you tell us the full height and with of your artwork (we will work out all the rest).

  3. Tell us what colour and width of mount board you would like to see around the image.

  4. If you have several photos or artworks to fit in your ready-made frame we will cut a multiple-aperture mount for you.

  5. Tell us what style of frame you like (natural oak, painted frame, gold, silver, etc.)

  6. Let us know if you prefer clear glass, non-reflective glass, acrylic glazing, UV glass or museum glass.

  7. If you need a mirror instead simply let us know the overall size of the mirror and if you want plain of beveled mirror glass.

  8. We will send you some images of your mount and frame combination via e-mail together with a quotation, any further steps and availability.

  9. Once you have accepted the quotation and paid the 50% deposit we will go ahead with the frame and will contact you when it's ready for collection.

Please remember that our quotation service is free of charge and that you can pay by card (we accept phone card payments), BACS or cheque prior to your collection. There is no minimum or maximum order for your frames but lead times may vary depending on this.

There is no need to compromise quality and the highest standard craftsmanship on your frames when it comes to ready-made picture framing!

For any other framing options please contact us and a member of the staff will answer all your queries.


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