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Guild Certified Framer: ensuring high quality standards in picture framing.

Let's say that you've just bought an original piece of art from an artist, a photographer or an art gallery and now you want to have it framed. Or you have several artworks from your last holiday that need to go on your walls. Perhaps you are an artist with a forthcoming exhibition or an art sale. Probably the first thing you do is to find a framing shop near you on search engines. So there you are: plenty of choices on the screen and decisions to be made. Whether you are on a budget or not, art framers will recommend different products and frame styles to suit your needs but what should always be offered is quality and experience. How do you know if a picture framing studio reaches those standards then? The answer is the GCF or Guild Certified Framer accreditation awarded in the UK by the Fine Art Trade Guild. This certification is internationally recognised as the professional qualification for the framing industry and ensures framers stay up to date with best practise and standards. At the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio, our GCF accreditation proves over 15 years of extensive knowledge and practice on the different levels of framing like frame design, mounts, glass and assembly of artworks depending on the conservation level our customers need, from conservation to museum level.

Any time you come into a picture framing shop always look for the GCF accreditation: certified framers will have it displayed together with their Fine Art Trade Guild yearly membership badge. A framing shop or art gallery can be a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild but that does not necessary mean that they are Guild Certified Framers.

That is why at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we are keen to offer the knowledge and expertise of a GCF during all the framing process from helping you to choose the frame that suits your style best to working in accordance with the highest standards. The materials and procedures we use will always follow GCF best practice for accredited professional framers. This certification assures you are getting best up-to-date professional practise by a picture framer. This is due to the fact that one of the requirements to keep the certification is a continued professional development programme by the Fine Art Trade Guild who requires certified picture framers to keep abreast of skills and knowledge of new materials and techniques throughout their career.

Whether if you have a canvas that needs stretcher bars or a piece of memorabilia that would be beautifully preserved for future generations inside a box frame, at the First Floor Gallery we will always work together with you to achieve best results.


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