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In-house oversized art framing and large canvas stretching. Why we do not subcontract it.

At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we offer different framing services for art collectors, artists and galleries. One of these services is picture framing of oversized originals, prints, photos, needlecraft and extra large canvases that need to be stretched prior to be framed. This is a specialist job requiring expertise and trained hands due to the dimensions of the artwork involved. We do these jobs in-house and we do not subcontract them. This way we have 100% control of the process so when an artwork arrives at our location to be framed, our clients know that it will stay with us during all the framing stages.

Where the scale and size of the work matters, we constantly work together with our customers making sure we are matching their requirements during the framing process so any possible adjustments can be discussed directly between the client and the Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Framer who is making the work. Where size and conservation aspects are of importance, we offer as well cut-to-size glazing options and heavy-duty hanging systems for your artworks.

On the other hand, if the scale of the job is not about size but about quantity instead, the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio has a broad selection of frames for batching and trade framing that are suitable for art exhibitions, hospitality, workplaces or events.

Our bespoke picture framing services can adapt to your needs with the highest quality standards for professional art framers. In our art framing studio outside of Romsey in Hampshire, we make picture frames to suit your artworks instead of supplying low cost factory produced ones. This allows us to stay in control of all the aspects of the process paying attention to detail. At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we praise craftsmanship and we do promote best practices in bespoke art framing.


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