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We are all waiting for it.

Sun is shining but not quite. After all those long, dark, cold and wet winter days the spring has already announced its arrival with a few sunny spells. All artists have their easels ready for al-fresco painting; all photographers are having the lenses cleaned for the colorful season and we simply cannot wait for long days outdoors away from the wellies.

Everything looks better with a bit of sunshine. A cup of coffee with friends after a ride on your bicycle are most appealing to any of us. Creative minds get excited with the arrival of the good weather so perhaps you are planning a painting weekend or even visiting a couple of museums during your Easter break. There are plenty of options and spring is the starting point for great exhibitions. Don't miss the chance to get a poster of your favorite artist's work and have it framed in a contemporary aluminum frame! What about a large photo print to go on your bedroom wall after a bit of spring cleaning? At the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we can paint the photo frame to match your newly decorated home. Wooden frames look always great either with a natural finish, painted or varnished.

Let's get the season started!


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