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Pink motivates action

The science of color has a broad range of theories, uses and applications. Each color has a meaning that can be used to communicate different ideas and express diverse feelings. This is well known in graphic design, advertising, psychology and graphic communication amongst other disciplines.

Today we are looking into pink: a color that recalls femininity but that can be very calming as well.

Pink has been used in fashion industry for instance as the color of love but it evokes compassion and admiration at the same time. Pink is an energetic color as well that can even encourage creativity.

The use of acrylic ink or shellack ink in different colors allows us to experiment and create new artworks on paper. There are many artists incorporating these two mediums to their portfolio in so many ways nowadays. And if you are in the need of inspiration let your imagination flow after a bit of a good reading or while listening to your preferred music.

Embrace color and bring new tones into your arty life as it will make you see everyday challenges in a different way.


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