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Morning coffee or the beauty of a sketchbook.

Summer days are getting longer and there are more daylight hours out there which is a wonderful thing for those who live in northern latitudes like us. The birds are singing out loud so you know it is time to get out of bed and start your day. It has been said that there are two types of human beings: morning ones and night ones but when days start getting longer it is easy to miss the difference. No matter what type you are, taking a moment for yourself is priceless, specially if that moment is first thing in the morning in front of a cup of coffee (or a cup of tea or whatever you like to drink in the mornings) and your sketch book. As picture framers and art gallery, painting and photography is what floats our boat but you can be a writer, a musician, a sculptor or anyone who's creativity levels are quite high when you wake up. It doesn't matter, you are in your creative mood and it is your moment of the day. Go for it!

We all have busy lives and early morning appointments to attend but every now and then we manage to find the time for our sketchbook. Apparently it is highly recommended to clear your mind and start your daily journey full of energy. It is great to fit in a bit of a run, a workout or a good read first thing in the morning if you can. A few minutes of yoga or a quick line and wash sketch are always perfect to get rid of a bad morning mood and it will get you going. And if your week days are hectic, try to get a moment for yourself during the weekend because maintaining low stress levels will get you a better life.


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