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Good old times!

Summer time is fun time and celebrations. Outdoor vintage activities and traditions have their place as well during the hot season. British summer has been dry and sunny so far and everybody is out and about enjoying their ice creams and going to festivals. Whether you like music, antique cars, sports or the country life, there is always a show for you to enjoy.

If you visit Romsey between 16 - 17th June 2023 don't miss The Nostalgia Show at the Broadlands, a festival full of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Memories lay within the objects that belonged to our ancestors and can be preserved to be shared with future generations. Box frames are perfect for displaying those memories on your wall and telling stories from grandparents to grandchildren. Possibilities are as broad as creativity when it comes to showing memories inside a frame or an acrylic display box.

Flea markets and antiques fairs are excellent places where to find those glorious oldies that will bring character to the house. There are lots of little gems hidden in garages and lofts that will make a brilliant statement in your kitchen like those old pieces of cutlery from your great grandmother.

And if you have an old rugby shirt or a cricket jumper from school times give it a second life by framing it together with some photographs of those happy days. Textiles will not be eaten by moths anymore once you have had them professionally framed.

Picture framing and fine art framing is not only for paintings and prints. Vintage objects, oldies and memorabilia can be transformed into art thanks to a bespoke frame with the matching mount board colour and protected under glass.

Go out, enjoy the glorious weather, have fun at the summer festivals and have grandad's old set of tools framed!


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