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Gallery frames for fine art & memorabilia: why they are highly valued by collectors.

Have you ever wondered why artworks on display at art galleries are so well presented? Perhaps you would like to have a nice piece of art framed like that hanging on your wall but not sure where to start. There are different levels of art framing available from picture framing to fine art framing and museum frames. It all depends on your needs and it always must be done following best practices. Art collectors, artists and art galleries know very well the value of a bespoke gallery frame or an exhibition frame as they will preserve the artwork as well as making them outstanding without overshadowing their content.

So called gallery frames are high quality manufactured mouldings that offer the perfect finish when the artwork is assembled in them. Finest quality art frames have detail on their finishing like gold leaf or hand finished coatings. The woods used for manufacturing gallery frames have been carefully sourced to last for generations and the paint used on them is highly stable to avoid yellowing, discolouring or peeling off in time. Are gallery frames are made to last and age well. Art galleries present their artworks for sale in a highly curated way using uv glazing, non reflective protective glass or museum glazing to assure protection against the light and other environmental hazards. At the same time, using conservation or museum mounting techniques and materials will assure a fully reversible process in case the artwork needs to be removed from its frame. No damages to the artwork must happen as a consequence of the framing process. Due to these reasons, fine art galleries and art collectors have their art pieces framed bespoke so they can choose the finest quality and the best practices. Gallery frames are part of a craftsmanship process that will add value to the artwork so art galleries and collectors see these frames as an investment. No matter how big or small collector you are, if you value art then you will want to invest in a gallery frame. Fine art works, artist photographs, tapestries or any sort of memorabilia will be much better presented and preserved in the appropriate bespoke frame so don't be scared of asking for a gallery frame when visiting your guild certified framer. At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we work with the main suppliers and manufacturers in the UK and in Europe to offer the finest quality in classic and contemporary mouldings and gallery frames from aluminium to Italian hand finished gold leaf mouldings to suit your artworks. And don't forget that our gallery frames can be used for bespoke mirrors as well.


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