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Framing my picture: shall I have it mounted?

So one of the many decisions to be taken when bringing your artwork to a framing shop is whether to have it mounted or not. There are technical details to be taken into consideration of course but the main aspects are the type of artwork and what look you are trying to achieve. One of the technicalities that art framers consider when using a mount is to keep a gap between the glass and the artwork. This will avoid the work getting stacked to the glass in the case of a print or a glossy photo for instance. If you don't fancy a mount around your picture, an invisible spacer can be used instead. Mount board is commonly used behind glass when the medium is paper, fabric or any other material that needs the protection of a glazing system. You can use mount board for framing coins, medals or memorabilia and there are plenty of options like double mounts, float mounts, channel mounts or wash-line mounts to name just a few.

The choice will depend on aspects like the period of the artwork, the frame style, the size of the artwork or the overall composition. Posters and large photos look great in an aluminium frame and in many occasions the owner prefers the minimalistic look of it without a mount.

If big mounts are not your cup of tea but you still want something to break continuity and to bind frame and artwork together, then a slip is a fantastic option. They can be painted in a colour that matches the work or they can be finished in gold to make it a bit more of an statement. In our framing studio we work together with you offering plenty of options and combinations for bespoke art frames at the highest quality standards.


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