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Craftsmanship made with passion and love for the fine arts & framing trade.

Because we love what we do: picture frames. We put all our passion to deliver the highest framing standards working with the finest quality suppliers.

We are so proud of being based in Romsey, at the heart of the Test Valley, where the independent craftsmanship scene is thriving every day. The area is full of artists, independent bakers, woodturners, potters, knitters, jewelers, makers... and all of us are working hard to offer you the best of our products and skills during these uncertain times.

Buying local will not only help businesses to go back in track but will give you bespoke, unique and sustainable products. There is an added value to crafted goods that machine-made ones cannot offer and that is identity. Each one of these objects is genuine like the person behind it.

The Test Valley is a beautiful ecosystem that needs your support and looking after it can be made with simple actions like buying local as this can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in so many ways contributing to stop global warming. Be part of this and take the chance to discover rural communities producing wonderful things made from the heart with our hands.


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