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Color and emotion: orange

The history of color in art has been full of meaning over the centuries. Since the very first paintings on the caves to neon glow of contemporary artworks, color has always had a purpose. But this does not only apply to art, photography or graphic design: colors and how they can affect people's mood happen everywhere from garments to food or furniture. Colors make us experience all sorts of feelings and have an effect on our behaviour.

Today we will be talking a bit about orange in all its different tones. It is believed that orange gives us energy and happiness. According to some, orange stimulates creativity, increases productivity, optimism and enthusiasm.

Colors have been used to modify people's behavior in many psychological studies.

It seems that the way we dress or the color we choose for our interiors are linked to our emotions so if you are going through a bit of anxiety or need that extra dose of energy to carry on with your day try to wear some orange. Perhaps you can include some carrots to your lunch or paint a beautiful landscape full of orange trees!

The way we perceive the space where we are or the people we interact with are influenced by the colors around so don't forget that next time you are dressing for an important appointment or even when you are not in the mood for a workout, orange will give you the enthusiasm to reach your goals no matter what they are.


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