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Buying art as an investment? Have it professionally framed to preserve it.

More and more people nowadays are investing in art, specially after the pandemic. For those fanatic of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, NFT art is the way to go. On the non-virtual world there is art for every budget as well if you are looking into an investment that will gain value in time from international art fairs to auction houses. Another good way of investing in art for your future is buying from art galleries or from emerging artists directly. The options out there are plenty to satisfy any taste and every budget.

Once you have acquired your piece of art then the most important matter is the correct preservation of the artwork. Factors like direct sunlight, dampness or proximity to a heat source are extremely harmful to artworks on display specially if they are not correctly protected and stored. Wether your acquisition will be displayed at a public hall or in the privacy of your living room, it must be properly preserved. In the case of some sculptures or memorabilia a vitrine or an acrylic box with uv protection would be a good option to avoid future damages. In the case of paintings, ancient documents, limited edition prints or signed photographs there exist several options in the market as well ranging from uv glass (reflective or non-reflective) to museum perspex which offers the highest level of protection. The mount board surrounding an ancient document or a watercolour for instance must be acid-free and compliant with archival, conservation or museum properties depending on the value of the piece. In some cases using specific glazing and a fillet or a slip frame on a valuable oil on canvas can be very beneficial. The options are plenty and all of the actions taken towards the conservation of an artwork must be reversible. That is why specialist fine art framers should always understand the value and state of conservation of the piece before helping you to choose the most convenient type of framing and glazing needed for the correct preservation for future generations. If for instance you ask your framer to trim a signed limited edition print to be reduced in size, do not be surprised if the framer strongly advises against as it will devalue the artwork.

Taking your valuable artworks to an experienced fine art framer will guarantee it is on safe hands during the whole process from handling it to the use of appropriate framing materials.

At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we are Certified Picture Framers following the standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild. Our framing experience ranges from small miniatures to extra large canvases with different levels of conservation requirements so we will always discuss all the options with you to frame your art investments. In our picture framing studio you will be able to choose many different framing styles from contemporary designs to more traditional ones. For more details get in touch to discuss your project or visit our studio.


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