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Bronze comes first this season!

The autumn is at its peak. The fog in the woods enhances the reds, ochres, yellows and browns and all you fancy after a walk outside is a cuppa and a biscuit next to the fire place. Fall colors dictate the season all the way to the winter and the winner of them all is bronze. If you are thinking of a picture frame that looks classy bronze frames are the trend.

High quality picture frames will add a touch of luxury to your room that will last forever. Big bronze frames with a minimal look never get outdated.

Whether you want a photo frame or a frame for a canvas these frames will add a bit of fresh high-end design to your home decor.

At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we work with the best UK and Italian manufacturers to make sure we bring design and quality to your artworks.

Let the fall light enter the space with warm bronze reflections. If you are looking for interior design ideas for a contemporary bespoke mirror, simply visit our framing studio in Romsey and we will work together in your project.


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