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Al fresco sketches

The sun is shining, it is hot outside and staying indoors is not the most inviting at the moment because we all want to go outside and enjoy this glorious weather! For many artists the perfect solution is al fresco painting (or sketching).

Flowers are popping out in every single garden around and life is in bloom in the backyard. It's the perfect occasion to relax outdoors, take a break from work and smile. Let's be honest, we are all in good spirits because of the weather. Some people are working from home and some others are at their workplace (always respecting social distancing) but all of us want to catch some rays and enjoy the summer breeze. Take the chance to draw some quick sketches or to take some photos during your break or if you are lucky enough to have nothing to do but lazying in a sunny afternoon then take your creativity with you and see what comes out. Wherever you are take a few minutes to look around and be part of the here and now.

Have a good day!


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