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Your signature...your frame.

The artist's signature on the artwork is a small detail that cannot be missed. The work is complete only when it gets signed, like the grand finale after a long process: the signature is the artist's identity. That detail on one corner of the canvas is an statement itself as it defines the person behind the creation. But the signature is not the only detail to tell about the person; each artist has his or her "signature frame" to bring character to their creation. Choosing your signature frame is important as part of your identity as an artist. Sometimes artists working on different medium and sizes will have a couple or three different signature frames but their identity will always be there.

Every artist has a favorite colour or a preferred type of paper to work on, in the same way our personal belongings speak out about ourselves. No matter if you are an amateur, a beginner or a professional artist, finding your signature frame will not only enhance and preserve your artworks but will show your identity on them as well. The expert eye of the picture framer can help artists finding what suits best to their medium, art style and budget. Have you found your signature frame yet?

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