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Express mount cutting service on-site*

At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing we do all our framing services on-site, including mount board cutting. If all you need is a few mounts just visit us. Choose the conservation mount boards you like and we will cut them instantly if you don't mind the waiting*.

Thanks to the use of computerized mount cutting technology, at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing we can cut a variety of shapes to make the difference to your artwork. If rectangular and oval mount shapes are not enough for you, come and let us know what you have in mind: a heart shape, a deer, a rabbit, circles of different sizes...we will work with you to achieve the design you are after.**

At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing we do understand how valuable your

photographs, artworks or prints are, that is why we don't make them travel: our framing services are carried out at the same premises where you drop and collect your goods.

*Please, notice that our express service is subject to stock availability and the quantity of mounts required. Ask a member of the staff for prices, terms and conditions.

** Terms and conditions apply. Service subject to availability. Please, contact us for more details and prices.

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