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Artists in the gallery 2017: Wash & line.

Following our previous post about the artists in the gallery 2017, we are introducing now a watercolour, line & wash artist with a background from Milan, Barcelona and Helsinki among others and currently based in Southampton: Ana Villacampa, an architect and designer that started painting at the early age of 12 learning oil-painting.

Ana's eclectic topics and variety of medium give her the freedom to adapt to the emotion that the subject requires. Thanks to her background in design and spatial composition, Ana approaches painting from a multidisciplinary point of view including portrait, landscape and illustration as a celebration of line, character and colour. For her black & white line and wash artworks, she prefers the minimalism and simplicity of a minuet mount as it will enhance the contrasts between the grey and white on the paper.

Ink, graphite, watercolour or acrylic are among the works she has presented during the Hampshire Open Studios 2017 at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing. Nevertheless, the artworks are part of our permanent selection of artists in our premises so our visitors can enjoy them any time. Come in to meet the group of artists operating at the 1st Floor Gallery Picture Framing.

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