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March walks in the Test Valley: Stockbridge

Early March has brought the daffodils out and the winter seems to be almost over but until the spring fully arrives there are enchanting walks in the Test Valley to make the wait even better.

One of these perfectly quiet walks of the Test Way is located in Stockbridge and runs along the river Test all the way down to Mottisfont Abbey. There are plenty of amenities during your walk located nearby the track like historical sites, pubs and tea rooms serving delicious refreshments. The impressive nature and magnificent trees on the track provide prefect shading on hot sunny days and great shelter on rainy days. If you are a keen dog walker or if you enjoy a day out with the family on your bikes this route is perfect for all levels and ages. The views of the English country side are astonishing with farm land, woodland and the river next to you. The starting point we have chosen in this occasion is Stockbridge, a lovely village with great independent shopping, high quality food and quiet countryside atmosphere. We love taking some time off for ourselves there after framing all your artworks so see you around!


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