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Is it unique? Then it is real luxury (and it is worth the investment).

The reason why fine art works are so valuable is its uniqueness. Even if the artist may have made several copies of the work, like Edvard Munch did of The Scream for instance, each one of them will still be unique due to small variations, improvements or changes to the original idea. The same principle applies to short limited edition signed prints or even an artist's proof being the most valuable print as they are an impression of the print taken during the making process to see the printing state of a plate. If it is hand made it will be unique and that is what makes it so precious. The less number of bottles of wine a vineyard produces the more expensive they will be because they are rare. The same thing happens with caviar, precious stones or hand crafted cheeses: they are unique hence they are a real luxury.

Many people often wonder why fine art framing is so expensive. It is because each frame is made by specialist hands specifically to suit and protect the artwork using the finest available materials. Craftsmanship has nothing to do with factory made goods because each hand crafted item is unique and made by highly skilled people choosing the adequate materials. Craftsman's hands have gone through lots of training, research and practice to make those pieces of work unique. Fine art framers are proper craftsmen who have learned all the best practices to preserve a valuable painting, print, photo or memorabilia using the highest quality methods and materials. Everything in fine art framing is made to measure, just like a fine suit made by a tailor. Craftsmanship is unique and it makes it valuable. So if you are collecting art or if you simply would like to preserve a vintage poster or memorabilia having it framed by a Fine Art Trade Guild Framer it is well worth the investment. If you are after the finest quality bespoke frames for your valuable artworks always check that the fine art framer you are using is certified by the guild. Do not only invest your money in art but invest as well in having it properly preserved.

At the First Floor Gallery Picture Framing Studio we do traditional fine art framing as well as contemporary picture framing so you can choose frames in all styles, finishes and prices to suit your needs from a frame for a valuable antique map to an everyday frame for a family photo.


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