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Elegant and sophisticated

Contemporary design can be trendy but elegant and sophisticated at the same time. It all depends on how you combine the elements together. If you fancy a timeless look on your picture frames but still want the wow effect then don't be shy and play a bit with the frame and mount combination. There are many options in the market from a minimalistic pure white look to a more elaborated decorative finish. Making a small twist in the composition by the use of striking colorful mount boards can lift the artwork without overpowering it. Because remember, the rule no. 1 in our picture framing studio is to enhance your artwork.

If you really want to make the difference then pay attention to detail. Because less is more we have chosen just a small amount of striking orange to outline a solid black mount board surrounded by a pure white frame. This combination breaks the elegance of the black and the purity of the white with a touch of vibrant luminosity.

Keep it simple. If you have an art-deco print or a retro poster then match the detail of the framing with the color of the art.

From contemporary photography to football shirts or original paintings, the limit is your imagination, not the frame.


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