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Build resilience by keeping your creativity going.

Did you know that all of us use our creativity to communicate what we think or feel? And that is exactly what we do when we draw, paint, compose, design, write, sculpt, film, sing, dance...because art is one of the qualities that makes us human. The current circumstances worldwide are forcing many of us to stay indoors more than what we like and that can be psychologically demanding. A very good way to build resilience is to use your art skills and create. It doesn't matter how amateur or pro you are as we all have arty skills of some kind that will help us during tough times.

No matter if you are feeling jolly or sad art is a great way of expressing those emotions and to share them with others. In addition, creating and making things will keep your head entertained and that will help you to build resilience and to cope with the situation. Make a cross-stitch, paint a watercolor or design a poster with your computer: it will help to transform all the negativity of the setback into something positive and productive. Simply think of the lovely pictures you can take with your phone without having to step out your door! There are lots of cultural venues like museums, theaters or cinemas with on-line contents for all available for free where you can get inspiration from. And remember: keep calm and create!


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